Wine Is From Grapes, So It’s Healthy Too

IMG_1992I am the girl munching down some Mary’s Gone Crackers with a great ‘ole dollop of hummus and calling it a ‘treat’.

So much so that I ate a (small) tub of hummus today while listening to a story from my sisters dating life that really requited a bottle of tequila to go with it.  I dug deep and refrained.

I did pull out the red wine though. The story was that jaw dropping. Besides, I figured once we were past noon, it wasn’t considered alcoholism.

Here’s where I start to have a problem. 1 Mary’s cracker is good, 3 are even ok, up to 7 is really not that bad. But, I ate 26. Yes you read that correctly. 26 crackers and a small tub of hummus all by myself. (Cue Celine Dion music.)

To make up for my gorging on health foods (because wine is from grapes so it’s a health food too), I had to forego lunch, and dinner.

So when I bemoan to you (and I will) the fact that I eat right but can never lose weight, feel free to point me in the direction of this post.

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