The Dangers of WiFi in Our Schools

Have you ever stopped to think about the Electromagnetic Fields surrounding out children day in and day out as our schools frantically do whatever they can to keep up with the technology?

Kids these days as young as 5 are in kindergarten using ipads, laptops and computers and most if not all of these are accessing the net through wifi signal.

I had a conversation with one Telstra worker who set up wireless throughout a private school for 700 kids who said to me “I told the principal, those kids will be glowing with all these fields around here!” The principal laughed and they both went about their day.

There have simply been no studies done on the long term affects of hundreds of wifi signals pulsing through our schools and our young children’s bodies for hours each day.

This takes me back to the days of doctors advocating smoking, remember when they had doctors on their advertising campaigns telling us it was safe?!


What about asbestos being perfectly safe… that turned out well, didn’t it?

Or Thalidomide? How many families have suffered so much as a result of being told by their doctors it was perfectly safe to take during pregnancy?


The end game here is that when things are not known as safe, especially when they are known as ‘possible cancer risk’ we need to err on the side of caution for all of us, especially those with young minds and bodies. No one is saying out kids have to go back to the dark ages of tablets (the old kind!) and scribes, but we need to think about what we can do to minimise the risk.

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