Is Donald Trump Drunk Tweeting?

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 22.39.56You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about President Trump Tweeting threats to Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea.

Much like a train crash you just can’t not watch, I’ve been obsessively checking my Twitter feed for the next threat from a superpower wondering if we really will see a war being started over what feels like two kids in a school yard calling each other names.

It really is a testament to the influence of the digital age that World War 3 could start with a simple tweet.

Given this has global consequences I think its vital we know how to tell the difference between Donald Trump drunk tweeting and Donal Trump legitimate war threats, because if  my suspicions are  right, he’s just getting loaded while on his golfing holiday. If this is what he’s tweeting, can you imagine what his texts are looking like?

For gods sake man, put down the iphone, ignore big mouthed Kim and let poor Guam live to see another day.

People Might Pay Me?

payment-postingI was asked via Twitter today whether I am paid to advertise the items I post in my blog or other social media channels.  In the interests of self disclosure I want to tell you how you will know if I am being paid to advertise:

I will post about it on every social media medium there is, I will be SO. DAMN. EXCITED!

In case we aren’t clear I will clarify. No. I am not being paid.

If I post my Mary’s Gone Crackers or my Deeks Quinoa Bread, or my Sam Edelman boots, it’s because that’s what I am eating or toasting or wearing and that’s what’s going on in my life so that’s what I’m yabbering on about and if I can share something I love with you then why the hell not? It’s just that simple.

Also, if someone would pay me to talk about their products I would suck up a whole lot more.

Just Sayin’.

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