As always this box is organised and well presented with the included card detailing the items in it.

This months special is a mindfulness box, presented by the Fernwood Foundation. I don’t know much about them but they have a flyer that talks about emotional intelligence, anxiety and depression and are directing to purchase an ebook so I assume they work on being whole and it’s definitely aimed at women. If it’s your kind of thing you can find them at

For me this was by far the least appealing and lowest value box I have seen from Goodness Me. Im not sure if it’s related to the sponsor or if it was just an off month, but if I had just signed up and paid $29.95 for this box (including shipping) and received this I would never order again. I’m assuming it’s a once off and next month will be better because historically this is such a great value box.

Goodness Me Box $25 plus $4.95 Shipping TOTAL $29.95– Retail Value of this Box (aprox) $22.80


Review: Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Balls (Berry, Cashew & Cacao) 69g RRP $3.00

These kinds of raw balls are everywhere and honestly its hard to know which ones to buy, the market feels SO flooded. However, these are available at Woolworths which makes them easier to find, a plus in my book. I’m also a real fan of cranberries so I was looking forward to trying these. They are delicious! Very sweet so you don’t need many but definitely tasty. 

Ingredients are: Dates, Cashews, Cacao, Cranberries, Apple Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Oil and Coconut. They state they are GMO free (yay!) and are vegan but may contain some traces of gluten.

For me personally, I’m looking for organic wherever possible so I probably wouldn’t purchase these as a plan-ahead item but I would if I needed something quick and an equal organic item wasn’t available.

Review: Benetto Intense Dark Chocolate 100g RRP $6.00

I love the packaging on this product, its so quirky! This product is organic which I love, fairtrade which I adore and made in New Zealand which I applaud (I have decided NZ is the country of all things pure after my last Queenstown trip, theres not a whole lot to back this assumption up other than my adoration for the clear water and spectacular mountains and no industry for miles).

This chocolate is gorgeous. It has hardly any bitterness for such a dark chocolate and its very rich and creamy. I would definitely purchase this again. 

Ingredients are: (Organic) Cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, madagascar vanilla beans. You cant get much more pure than that!


Review: Forbidden Organic Brekky Rice (Black Rice & Coconut Pudding) 125g RRP $3.50

This is so unique. I haven’t seen anything like it, and its apparently available at Woolworths so I love that it should be easy to find. I’m not a huge carb eater but when I eat them I like them to be good for me, not just some nutrition-less junk, so I love the idea of this. One caveat for me is they recommend cooking in the packet in the microwave. I never recommend this, microwaves kill the nutrition in your food and cooking in plastic is never a good idea due to BPA’s!! 

Ingredients are: water, organic black rice, organic coconut cream, organic sugar, natural flavour, salt, vegetable gum (412).

I’m always suspicious of ‘natural flavour’ because it can mean all kinds of gross things, and anytime there is a number in food I’m not thrilled. (412) is guar gum (from the pea family) and is used as a stablizer and thickener.  For an occasional breakfast this would be OK and something very different but I wouldn’t eat it daily because it is a processed food.

Review: Zen Ramen Nude Noodles 50g (sample size) RRP$ 3.00 (aprox) 

Zen Ramen Miso Hungry Freeze Dried Miso Soup (sample size) 


I have seen these konjac yam noodles at the store for a few years now and heard varying reviews, from ‘t tastes like nothing’ to ‘its awful’. I’ve never purchased hem but they are low carb, gluten free and vegan so they are a good option for someone like me who tries to eat low carb and gluten free as much as possible. These ones are not organic so I would definitely prefer to eat organic if I was purchasing myself, but the packaging is cool and ‘zen’ looking I love the idea of them. I have not tried them at the publishing of this blog post but will update when I do. 

Ingredients are: tapioca syrup, tapioca starch, konjac, calcium hydroxide, citric acid. Made in Japan.

The Miso soup tasted as Miso soup should so for such a small pack they did a great job on taste, but of course it is full of soy, thickeners and flavour enhancers so I would not be purchasing this due to the risk of GMO’s. If you are a processed food kind of person (whether for the speed and convenience or taste) then this would be a great option. This item is made in China which also gives me pause due to their checkered history of manufacturing practises, so for me I will not be purchasing this again.

Review: Think Food Mini Munch (Sunflower Strawberry) 20g RRP $1.00

These are a simple snack sized pack that would be so easy to take on-the-go. They are light and small, just enough to keep you going and keep that blood sugar balanced. After trying these I wasn’t as sold on them as I was when I first saw them. They had a strange bitter aftertaste and were not sweet at all. My husband who will usually eat anything took one bite and threw them away which is very telling. For me, I wanted t like them because of the convenience and small, light packet but I would rather eat a handful of sunflower seeds than these. 

Ingredients are: sunflower seeds, rice malt, dried strawberries, unrefined cane sugar, natural flavours, sea salt.

Once again we see that ‘natural flavours’ creep into the description. I don’t know why these ‘health’ companies can’t just let the ingredients speak for themselves! 

Review: Teff Tribe Express Teff Porridge (Wild Berry & Coconut) 40g sample size  RRP$2.00 (aprox)

I haven’t tried these, I will post here when I do to let you know my thoughts. 

Ingredients are: Teff flakes, quinoa flakes, dried cranberries, coconut milk, coconut flakes, dried blueberries, dried black currents, coconut sugar, natural flavour

Another one with the natural flavours. I’m going to do a post on why natural flavours are such a bad thing in our food. It sounds so innocent and if you eat it for a one off, it’s not going to do too much harm. But as we are seeing its in EVERYTHING! This needs to stop in my opinion, especially from these supposed ‘health food companies.’

Review: Madame Flavour Mint Lavender Tea (sample, 1 bag)  $1.00 (aprox)

The aroma of this was amazing when I added the hot water to steep for a few minutes. Strong mint smell with a hint of that lavender made my office smell amazing! The taste was very strongly mint, I didn’t really taste any lavender but it did have a lovely aftertaste, so perhaps that’s the lavender coming through.  I love items like this that are pure, natural, and good for you. 

I cant argue with these ingredients: (all organic) peppermint, spearmint, lavender flowers, Australian peppermint gum leaf, blue cornflowers. My only concern is the tea bag. I have been delving into the plastics our tea is incased in and there is some concerning evidence. These pyramid style bags are gorgeous to look at but may be affecting our health. I need to do more research into this.

Review: Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz 10ml RRP $3.30

This item is by far my favourite item in the box. I love epsom salt baths, and I have used magnesium oil before, but not this brand. This is the perfect travel sized spritzer and I know I will use it. It has a very faint scent of mandarin. Be careful if you have sensitive skin as some people don’ tolerate pure magnesium oil well. 

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (food grade) and tested in Australia by an independent laboratory, with no mercury and no lead tested down to 10ppb.  Each 10mL bottle contains approximately 6.18 grams of magnesium chloride hexahydrate in solution of purified water (61.8%).  In addition: Vegetable glycerine, Cocoyl proline, Caprylyl/Capryl glucoside, Potassium sorbate, Sodium borate, and the Essential Oils of Mandarin, Juniper berry and Rosalina. Seven sprays contain approx. 400mg of elemental magnesium.

Other samples: Kosmea organic rose hip oil & Radiance 24/7 youth boost 1ml sachets (great for overnight travel), The love letter collective mindfulness cards




Goodness Me ‘Love You’ Box – February 2018 Review

I know I say it every time I do one of these reviews, but this is the BEST box! If you are only ever going to subscribe to one ‘healthy’ box in Australia, this is the one to get. It’s always packed full, great value and had a good variety of products to appeal to almost everyone.

This month is a special Lorna Jane edition box so includes a note from LJ herself that was on the top of the box when I opened it. It described the items in this box as some of her favourite products. It also has a coupon for $20 off when you spend $100 at her store (#winning! I love Lorna Jane active wear so I will definitely use this). Be aware it must be used by March 31st.

It also includes a Lorna Jane booklet that offers a free ebook download and focuses on ‘loving yourself. It details some inspirational women and the ultimate message is ‘Move, Nourish, Believe’ to a better you. Even better, there is an opportunity to WIN a $500 gift voucher to LJ by uploading a pic of your Goodness Me Box to Instagram and liking their pages.


Goodness Me Box $25 plus $4.95 Shipping TOTAL $29.95 – Retail Value of this Box (aprox) $63.97


Review: Pics Peanut Butter Crunchy 380g (fullsize) RRP $7.50

My very high tech review of this product came from me opening the jar, sticking my finger in and licking it!

I am a fan of peanut butters made only from peanuts (what a crazy thought!) This one fulfils that requirement, it’s only ingredients are peanuts and salt. It tastes great and has a lot of crunchy bits in it which I love. If you are still eating peanut butter loaded with sugar and oils, now is the time to change! 


Review: Happy Way Supernatural Superfood 60g  RRP (aprox)$ 5.27

My first complaint about this item was that looking at the packaging I wouldn’t have known it was a protein powder. Anyone who has read my previous reviews knows I cannot stomach ‘green drinks’ and thus I wouldn’t have thought to try this until I looked at the ingredients list and saw it was a whey powder. I then noticed in a super small font on the front it says ‘ all natural protein powder’. 

I love the natural taste of whey power so I mixed some up right away. It looks and smells exactly like whey powder but upon tasting it was very, very sweet! Not at all what I was expecting. Not unpleasant, but super sweet, my first thought was that kids might like it a lot. 

Ingredients are pure with nothing crappy added and the sweet taste comes from the last ingredient which is Stevia. If you are not a fan of that stevia taste, you may not like this. But for the kids with a little organic cocoa in it, they might drink it down like chocolate milk (its worth a try)! It also has coconut flour, vanilla bean, chia seed, psyllium husks and maca powder in it and they  are all organic ingredients which I love.

I wouldn’t drink this again, but if you are looking for a sweet drink or want something kids will drink, this would be a great option to try. 


Review: Rosehip Plus Rosehip Oil Skin Boost 15ml RRP $13.45 

This product gets a 10/10 from me for safety. It is literally just cold pressed Organic Rosa Canina Seed Oil and Tocopheral (Vitamin E).

That said, I don’t like the smell at all, it has a really heavy oily smell, but if it worked for scars and other temporary issues it could be used for  (as they claim) I would definitely use it as it is so safe and natural . I personally wouldn’t use it as a daily product for my skin and wrinkles just because the smell was not pleasant. 


Review: Higher Living Organic Cocoa & Chilli Teabags RRP $3.70

I am a huge green tea fan and I only drink organic teas because if you researched the amount of pesticides they use on tea and what you are soaking in your water and then drinking you would be horrified! So I love that this is an organic tea. I am also a fan of chocolate but not a fan of chilli so I was very interested to try this.

Unfortunately this was not a winner for me. I purposely did not look at the ingredients before tasting so I wouldn’t be tempted to bias the drink but it tasted heavily of fennel and licorice with a hint of chilli (nothing too spicy). If you like these flavours you will love this drink! There was definitely no cocoa taste in this for me. 


Review: Proplenish Collagen Plus 3 x 30g  sachets RRP $4.99

Proplenish claims to be ‘anti-aging made beautifully simple’. This product is a  marine collagen powder that you drink to replenish the lost collagen from within and strengthen and beautify your hair, skin and nails. I obviously cannot comment on its success, just the flavour of the sachet and the flavour to their credit was extremely mild.

I tried it first in water and it had no offensive taste (was a pale pink colour) so you could easily add it to your favourite drink as they suggest and drink it down without knowing you were doing so. Being so taste sensitive, I thought this was a real achievement. 


Review: Morlife Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries 30g RRP $7.95

OMG! It doesn’t take much for me to love these, cover any kind of berry in dark chocolate and I will do almost anything to get at them. These have the added benefit of fantastic antioxidants in the goji berries. However (and this is a big BUT) there are a number of numbers in this and there is soy in this product. Non organic soy is a deal breaker for me and my family as it is SO bad for you.

My takeaway? I would have these for Christmas or other special event as they tasted so good, but I would not purchase these as a regular snack. 


Review: Bounce Plant Power Beetroot Cashew Energy Ball 40g RRP $3.25

I loved the taste of this, it was such a nice change from all the bars that contain dates and have that ‘date taste’.

This was absolutely delicious, I couldn’t taste the beetroot at all, it was more of a nutty caramel tasting bar. Ingredients include cashews, macadamias, almonds, coconut, brown rice syrup, pea & rice protein, grape juice, rice flour, rice bran, guar gum, natural flavours (this makes me nervous, natural flavours can mean some nasty ingredients), pea starch, beet juice powder, cinnamon, mineral salt, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), sea salt, sesame seeds. 

I wouldn’t eat this every day as I always believe whole foods are best and this is definitely a very ‘processed food’ bar, but its a great option for on-the-go or in place of a chocolate bar and tastes great!


Review: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Zinnia RRP $12.99

Burt’s Bees is a conundrum for me. They were a small grass-roots company and then were purchased for $100 million by a huge company called Clorox, who also manufactures some heavily toxic products so I have an issue with them personally.  I also know they didn’t purchase Burts Bees to save the planet and create a less toxic world, but rather to make a ton of money, thus we have seen some questionable ingredients creep into the BB range over the last number of years. 

As for this one, it is a very light nude tint which I love, it smells great, glides on easily and the ingredients are mostly safe. The tube and packaging as you would expect is awesome.  Is it better than some of the completely toxic lip balms that exist? Yes it is. Are all the ingredients natural and safe? No they are not. 

BSKT Vegan Protein Bar 45g RRP $4.99

I haven’t tried this yet and will update here when I do, but I have tried their other bars and liked them. The ingredients are ok, but this bar should be used for a treat, not a regular snack. It includes ingredients like pea protein, pepitas, peanuts, date paste, coconut syrup, tahini, cacao, chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla extract.

Knowrish Well Super Latte Gypsy Rose 5g Sample Sachet

Glow Inner Beauty Powder Bio Fermented Superfoods 0.17oz  Sample Sachet


Once again we have seen that this box offers a great variety of items, almost all that I have never tried before. The value is more than double the price and the information provided is always informative. My personal favourite item is the $20 coupon from Lorna Jane which I plan to use this week!





Luxe Catch – January 2018 Box ‘Becoming Free’ Box Review

Overall the value was decent for this box, although they hit the $200 value by adding in some random items, but once again the sizing is off which makes it a waste of money in the end. I’m thinking of increasing my size but I know as soon as I do I will get something that is too big!

January 2018 BOX – COST $50USD/$107AUD incl shipping

APROX RETAIL VALUE $175USD/$224AUD (This is under the $200 value they claim you will receive)

This time there was just an outer box with the gold tissue paper inside, there was no inner box.


Namskara Organic Castor Oil RRP $28.95 (although its online for $10 right now)

I thought this was a random thing to add into this box but then read about its applicator and how it stimulates hair growth for eyelashes, brows etc. I have one eyebrow that has a weird balding patch that I constantly have to fill in, so I’m actually really excited to use this. The fact that its organic as well makes it even better!

This actually might be my favourite item in this box because it’s natural and already something I needed.


Compression Zip Pocket Leggings X by Gottex RRP $77.00 ($98 AUD)


These are good quality leggings with some mesh inserts on the leg and a zippered coin pocket in white which is a nice feature you don’t always get on leggings. Again, as with previous boxes these were a little small for me. They fit, but if I was purchasing I probably would have purchased the next size up. As they will stretch over time I think they will be fine.


Fabric Mixing sweatshirt X by Gottex RRP $88 ($113AUD)

I LOVE this top! It’s definitely more of a top, not a sweatshirt, but it has the shape of a sweatshirt. It’s boxy and oh-so-soft and has a mix of fabrics giving it an interesting look. The fabric at the front is shiny and the sleeves and back are more of a fine knit. The fabric is a mix of modal, spandex and polyester.

HOWEVER, this top is just too small for me. It fits, but my big boobs make it look weird and again, it’s just as though I need the next size up. Its also a crop fit which if you are tall and not stick thin, would not be a good look.

Frustrating, but I know I will find a girlfriend who will love it…


Complimentary 30 minute consultation with Bttana Life Coaching 

This coupon was enclosed with an apparent retail value of $60

Blueberry Muffin Lara Bar 

I’m not even counting this in my review as this was supposed to be a luxury ‘designer catch of the month’ not a food box. These are good though.


I’m so desperately hoping that next month I get something that fits me and I like. Otherwise I will have to cancel this box as its money down the drain every month. That said if I had sized up from the beginning I would have loved all the items I have been sent so keep that in mind if you are unsure about ordering.

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