Why is James Corden in Touble With the President?

I had a lightbulb moment today after being  confused as to why President Trump is so mad with James Corden. After asking my husband what the issue is, and watching him hit his head on the kitchen wall in response I decided to investigate.

Apparently this man James Corden is NOT the person who has been all over the news.


THIS is James Comey who IS the man who has been all over the news, and has now been fired by Donald Trump.

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It makes a LOT MORE SENSE to me than Trump firing Corden. Who could be cross at the guy who does Carpool Karaoke?

Never mind, it was an easy mistake to make.

Dare I Say It? The “P” Word… Politics.


It’s election day here in Australia.

I’m not a fan of talking politics on Social Media, unless of course your page is a political page. So why have I used the ‘P’ word straight up?

Someone wrote on my personal Facebook wall today that those voting ‘Liberal’ would be voting for the human trafficking of women and children. Of course this spawned a plethora of responses both for and against, but the crux of the matter is that such emotive statements are rarely as black and white as portrayed and it’s an insult to the intelligence of hard-working Australian’s to present an election in this way.

So I’m in a quandary. I’ve never been a one political party voter. I delve quite deeply into the candidates promises, their history and experience and vote for the candidate or party based on its merits in each individual election. This election is a tough one. Like all, there is no one party or candidate I feel 100% support for.

Labour offers tougher laws on air quality, better support for the poor and social and medical services. They offer greater school funding and much more stringent animal cruelty laws. Liberal presents what I believe is a much more effective asylum seeker policy, their tax plan is better for the country (though this does not translate into less taxes for me personally), they have a history of better financial management of the country.

And today it all goes down. Who will I vote for? I still don’t know. I continue to read the most up-to-date news and promises, knowing that so many of them will be empty and broken.

Australia is a great country, in fact it’s one of the few countries in the world with a 3 star credit rating. We have a reasonably effective socialized medicine system (though it is surely not perfect), we have low unemployment and a large percentage of the country is middle class. Yet, we have so many more things that are crippled and desperately need repair…

I would hope that for those of us who choose to post emotive and line-drawing comments in the social media realm, realise that most of us who go out to vote do not take the job lightly, and do want what’s best for this great country and not just our personal gain.

Vote with your head and your hearts Australia, not just your pocketbooks!

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