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How Acidic is YOUR Bottled Water?

I read a post about bottled water in America being acidic. Honestly, it never occurred to me that the water I drink could be making me sick!

We all know that an acidic environment is bad for your body in many ways, but one of the significant reasons is CANCER. It is well-known that cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

This news upset me for two reasons:

1. I struggle with an acidic PH. I eat right, drink right and it never occurred to me I could be jeopardising myself with my water!

2. My beloved Voss water in glass bottles was one of the acidic waters and I love Voss and its non-leaching glass bottles!

What the study didn’t include were many of the bottled waters that are common here in Australia -Smart water,Pureau, Coolridge, Mount Franklin etc.

I drink bottled water when out and about (even though I KNOW it is bad for the environment) because I refuse to drink the cocktail of chemicals and drugs (fluoride anyone?) in our tap water that portable filters simply cannot remove. I don’t want this ‘healthy’ drink of choice to be making my body sick!

So watch this space over the coming week. I will be purchasing PH paper and as many varieties of bottled water as I can and will test the hell out of them so we will know for sure which ones are OK and which ones we need to steer clear of.


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