If You Put Lipstick on a Dog, It’s Still a Dog

TherapistMy sister had some specialised dog food for her dog delivered to my place a few weeks back, because I work from home and can easily take deliveries.

Forgetting this fact, I opened the packaged before I realised what it was. Since it was open anyway, I threw an organic lipstick into the box, still new in its cardboard package.  I had tried it and didn’t like the colour on me, I figured if she liked it she could have it.  A few days later she picked up the box and inevitably I forgot to mention the lipstick I’d thrown in.

Fast forward a few weeks…

She and her family were over for a summer BBQ at our place, and during our conversation she mentioned that the new ‘natural’ dog food company had the best deals on specialised dog food and really took the natural thing the whole way, because they had given her a free lipstick as well! At least she figured it was for her she mused… surely it wouldn’t be for the dog, right?

It was literally half an hour before she realised my hysterical laughter wasn’t about the absurd fact that she thought the lipstick might be for the dog, it was about the fact that they hadn’t sent her a lipstick with her dog food (are you crazy?), it was me! 

Best. Laugh. Ever.


My Grandma’s Photos Are With Jesus


My grandmother was asking me to retrieve her saved images on her iPhone (love a 90-something year old techie!) and was trying to explain to me where they were:

‘They’re up with Jesus;” she said.

I was perplexed… “Um… grandma, you’re still with us, neither you nor your photos are with Jesus yet.”

“Yes, yes they are” she sighed, exasperated by my idiocy, “that Apple company put them there, up with Jesus!” My blank stare further infuriated her.

It took my 9 year old to explain what she meant to me. “Mum, she means the iCloud!” “Yes” Grandma yelped, “with Jesus, up in the clouds!”

I’m still laughing hours later….

Advertising that Makes You Hate the Product

Have you ever seen the same ad over and over again, and you become so irritated you vow never to buy the product?

I was binge watching while sick in bed yesterday and this particular show had only ONE Ad that played EVERY ad break through 7 shows, it was the DOVE Advanced Care Deodorant ad. I watched the ad approximately 35 times in the space of 4 hours. That’s a LOT of women gushing their love for non-staining deodorant.

By the end of my binge (I actually stopped watching the show as I simply couldn’t bear see or hear the ad any longer) I vowed to myself I would never, ever buy that product – no matter how desperate my armpit situation may be.

I wonder if these companies ever think of the end users real life response when they purchase ad time slots? I can imagine it was significant spend they allocated from their budget just to get me to deliberately AVOID their product and I’m assuming if they knew, they’d feel that any dollar is a dollar too many.

Tell me in the comments below, would seeing this ad 35 times in 4 hours make you want to buy the product or not?

Why is James Corden in Touble With the President?

I had a lightbulb moment today after being  confused as to why President Trump is so mad with James Corden. After asking my husband what the issue is, and watching him hit his head on the kitchen wall in response I decided to investigate.

Apparently this man James Corden is NOT the person who has been all over the news.


THIS is James Comey who IS the man who has been all over the news, and has now been fired by Donald Trump.

download (1)

It makes a LOT MORE SENSE to me than Trump firing Corden. Who could be cross at the guy who does Carpool Karaoke?

Never mind, it was an easy mistake to make.

The Dog Almost Killed My Elderly Neighbour

My elderly male neighbour just turned up on my porch banging on my door looking disheveled and panting.

He had chased the dog all the way down the street and around the block and was returning him to me.

It can’t have been easy given the dog weighed at least 40 kilos and he was NOT a willing participant being dragged by the collar to my house and had apparently resisted all the way….

Mostly because he wasn’t my dog and this wasn’t his house.

Special award  goes to the neighbour who looked at my dog standing next to me as I opened my front door and then back to the dog he was holding and said “This isn’t your dog then?”

No sir it is not. But let me say I am in awe of your dedication to the cause of bringing him to me against his will.

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