Luxe Catch – January 2018 Box ‘Becoming Free’ Box Review

Overall the value was decent for this box, although they hit the $200 value by adding in some random items, but once again the sizing is off which makes it a waste of money in the end. I’m thinking of increasing my size but I know as soon as I do I will get something that is too big!

January 2018 BOX – COST $50USD/$107AUD incl shipping

APROX RETAIL VALUE $175USD/$224AUD (This is under the $200 value they claim you will receive)

This time there was just an outer box with the gold tissue paper inside, there was no inner box.


Namskara Organic Castor Oil RRP $28.95 (although its online for $10 right now)

I thought this was a random thing to add into this box but then read about its applicator and how it stimulates hair growth for eyelashes, brows etc. I have one eyebrow that has a weird balding patch that I constantly have to fill in, so I’m actually really excited to use this. The fact that its organic as well makes it even better!

This actually might be my favourite item in this box because it’s natural and already something I needed.


Compression Zip Pocket Leggings X by Gottex RRP $77.00 ($98 AUD)


These are good quality leggings with some mesh inserts on the leg and a zippered coin pocket in white which is a nice feature you don’t always get on leggings. Again, as with previous boxes these were a little small for me. They fit, but if I was purchasing I probably would have purchased the next size up. As they will stretch over time I think they will be fine.


Fabric Mixing sweatshirt X by Gottex RRP $88 ($113AUD)

I LOVE this top! It’s definitely more of a top, not a sweatshirt, but it has the shape of a sweatshirt. It’s boxy and oh-so-soft and has a mix of fabrics giving it an interesting look. The fabric at the front is shiny and the sleeves and back are more of a fine knit. The fabric is a mix of modal, spandex and polyester.

HOWEVER, this top is just too small for me. It fits, but my big boobs make it look weird and again, it’s just as though I need the next size up. Its also a crop fit which if you are tall and not stick thin, would not be a good look.

Frustrating, but I know I will find a girlfriend who will love it…


Complimentary 30 minute consultation with Bttana Life Coaching 

This coupon was enclosed with an apparent retail value of $60

Blueberry Muffin Lara Bar 

I’m not even counting this in my review as this was supposed to be a luxury ‘designer catch of the month’ not a food box. These are good though.


I’m so desperately hoping that next month I get something that fits me and I like. Otherwise I will have to cancel this box as its money down the drain every month. That said if I had sized up from the beginning I would have loved all the items I have been sent so keep that in mind if you are unsure about ordering.

Good Green Box – November 2017 Review


GGB is one of my favourites because they are ethically-beauty focused and I love beauty!

I am waiting for the day when an Australian company does a subscription box for ethical clothing… can you imagine? I would be beside myself with excitement.

For now, lets see what GGB has left at my door…

Good Green Box $25/month(Incl. shipping) VALUE $95

(This box charges on the 25th of the month and ships out the 15th of the following month.)

Review: Certified Organic Face Cream by HempMe RRP $38

I am firmly committed to the face cream I used but I did try this for a few days and it really was lovely. It has a pleasant but noticeable smell and is a light liquid cream rather than a thick heavy cream. It did not leave any oily residue and I love the fact that it’s organic and the bag it comes is portrays the ‘natural’ element well. I will pop this cream in my travel bag and use it when I travel as its definitely a good cream.

My only complaint is that I am very fragrance sensitive and this had quite a strong smell that stayed with me for quite a long time and bothered me, however it was not unpleasant, just strong.

Review: Certified Organic Flora Mascara by Zuii RRP $27.95

I wanted to love this SO badly! The box actually arrived on a day when my own mascara was precariously low and so I tried this immediately. Although it gave me a little length and was better than my own eyelashes, it gave almost no volume and was quite dry and hard to apply.

If anyone ever creates an organic, toxin free mascara that works I will personally invest in them and their business. This is SO needed!

Review: Bamboo Toothbrush by bodecare RRP $4.50

This is a great looking eco friendly brush. I use a Sonicare (can someone come up with an eco friendly head for the Sonicare range please?) so I wouldn’t use this every day but would definitely pack it in my travel bag.

The bristles have apparently been enhanced from activated charcoal (and that can only be a good thing, right?) they are BPA free which I love.

If I were to purchase this I would but a medium head as the bristles are very soft on this brush, but for those of you with sensitive teeth, you will love it!

Review: Nail Polish by Zoya RRP $19

I was SO frustrated to receive a BLUE polish in this box. I am a woman in my early 40’s and blue is not a colour I would even consider wearing. I feel as though they were sending out the colours they couldn’t sell.

A nude, red or even pink makes sense, but blue is such a specific colour I feel like it was unfair to send it out in a box like this and this would have probably been my favourite product in the box had I been able to try it out as it was relevant to me and something I have been searching for in terms of a non toxic equivalent to what I already wear. 

I have heard great reviews about Zoya Polishes, so I would have loved to try a product with no nasty chemicals (and the list they are excluding is long and impressive) but alas, I will have to continue to not purchase these because I wasn’t able to test it out. 

Review: Hand Cream Sachet  by Bondi Wash RRP $1.00

This is definitely my favourite product in the box.

It was a moisturising, luxurious cream with a light lavendar scent and left no oily residue on my skin. It is made from botanicals so has a real natural smell and feel to it.

I usually use Weleda Hand Cream but would definitely purchase this product. The full size retails on their website for $25 but they have a 15% off coupon when you sign up to their website.

Review: Face Scrubby by Boho Things RRP $4.95

Call me a cynic, but I don’t get this new ‘face scrubby movement’ in the natural beauty world. They are everywhere! To me, my face washer can do the same thing or, I use an organic face scrub and NO cloth at all, so I save all the washing that is needed for these items. 

If you are into these, this is a cute one. It’s white which I like because you can see the dirt come off onto the scrubby, it is made of 100% bamboo, which I love because it’s renewable. It doesn’t mention if its grown with pesticides so I can’t comment on this. it is very small about 5cm diameter. 

I will probably give away this scrubby in one of my upcoming giveaway boxes so watch this space. 

This box had fewer things in it than I would normally use, but once again the value was excellent so I am not complaining. Its a great box with a good variety of items that I enjoy receiving every month. I look forward to the December box!






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