Goodness Me Box – January 2018 Review

Goodness Me Box has proven to be one of my favourites.

It’s always great value for money, I am a firm believer in organic, chemical free and non toxic products and I have almost never tried the products they send, so I look forward to it every month.

I also love the coupons and cards that explain the products and the Goodness Me brochure that is included that tells you the retail values and an explanation of why the items were chosen.

This just feels like a really professional company and I love that.

Goodness Me Box $25 – Retail Value (aprox) $45.65

There are always a number of coupons or pamphlets in this box and this month they have tracking watch giveaways if you are so inclined. (I am personally not convinced of the safety of wearing wifi on your arm every day.)

You’ll have to forgive my lax attitude, a few things were missing from my group photo below and some I missed out on individual photos of, I was apparently in holiday mode when I photographed this box! #Fail

Review: Vegan Chocolate Bar – Maca Espresso by BSKT RRP $3.95

I LOVED this bar and I don’t even like coffee!

This was absolutely delicious, the ingredients were clean and good for you and I can’t wait to purchase again. It was rich and creamy with just a hint of coffee and left no bitter aftertaste on the tongue. 

This was a huge win for me, as it’s a new product I will buy and its my favourite item in the box.

Review: Sparkling Lemonade with Cucumber by Naked Life RRP $3.00

I wanted to love this item so much! Its initial taste upon drinking was great, but the aftertaste of cucumber and lemon just did’t work for me. I feel like if they just left it at lemon-only it would have tasted better.

At less than 7 calories and no sugar, if you don’t mind that cucumber taste, its a really refreshing cold drink on a summer day.

Review: Clean Energy Alkalising Paleo Workout Sachet by Nutra Organics (apple + mint & lempon + lime)  x 2 RRP $1.80 x 2 = $3.60

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am NOT the girl who can drink a green drink, my gag reflex is just too strong and I’m sensitive to taste, so it’s not fair for me to review these items. I gagged with this fast.

My husband who is a regular green drink guy said “I could drink it” which is certainly not a glowing report. These DO look very good for you.

Review: Matcha Greens by Blue Dinosaur RRP $2.50

Again, I’m not a great test subject with the greens, but it was sweet and Ok to eat. My husband loved it.

With Coconut, Spirulina, Dates, Barley Grass, Coconut oil, Mactcha and nothingelse, this is a super healthy snack. 

Review: Golden Latte Blend by 99th Monkey RRP $10

I tried this by following the directions on the card and used almond milk instead of full cream and it wasn’t great, but I felt like it had the potential to be great. 

I feel like with full cream milk, a little honey or maple syrup for sweetener and even some cappuccino froth this could be a delicious drink. I plan to give it another go over the next few weeks and will update here when I do. 

I love that the included card tells me that the spices are all wild grown and chemical free. 

Review: Green Tea by Onno Behrends RRP $3.50

This was a delicious Green Tea ( I drink Green Tea every day) but had an unusual amber colour (as though it was regular tea) instead of the usual green hue I am used to. 

I love that the packaging is fully recyclable and I think its something more company’s should be doing. A quick check of their website told me they are non GMO which I love, but they did not mention anything about the use of pesticides on their product and given tea have such massive pesticide use, I will probably not purchase again, but rather stick to my organic green teas. They did also mention ethical and fair trading for their farmers and no known child labour – both very important features for tea suppliers. 

Review: Nourish & Repair Double Choc Sachet by Nourished Nutrition RRP $2.75

This was amazing! Although it had greens in it, it also had the main ingredient of pea protein and a ton of cacao and it really tasted like more of a protein drink. It definitely had that chocolate shake quality to it. 

I wouldn’t purchase it because Im not a ‘nutrition drink’ kinda girl, but if I were into green or protein drinks this would definitely be on my list, it really was delicious.

Review: Low Carb Self Raising Flour Mix by Melinda’s Gluten Free RRP $8.35

This flours’ main ingredient is lupin flour which I know exactly nothing about! 

I love lower carb as I am a low carb (although mostly whole foods) eater. It also has almond meal, which I love and arrowroot, baking powder & soda and salt. 

I haven’t had a chance to use this but plan on making banana bread for the teens so will review it here when I do. 

Review: Sample Kitchen Wrap by API Wraps RRP (aprox) $8

I wanted to love this because my family does use too much glad wrap, but it was hard to get an idea of how it would work because the sample was so small. 

When I tried to stick it on itself to create the seal, it did hold for a while but the seal was very weak, plus having to warm the seal with my hands caused my hands to become sticky, which made me wonder whether the stickiness would rub off onto the wrap or other food item? 

This didn’t seem to be the solution we are all looking for, so for now,  I will continue to use glass boxes for lunches and avoid cling wrap whenever possible. 

Hello Fresh Coupon Card for $35 off your first box RRP $0

Because these $35 coupons are everywhere I didn’t add this to the value of the box.

Overall once again I felt like this box was good value and offered a number of new items for me to try. I didn’t walk away with much that I would purchase again (just the vegan chocolate bar), but I am very happy with the box, regardless and as always, look forward to the next one!











Pete Evans Green Chicken Curry Ready Made Meal Review

Wow, that title was a mouthful and I didn’t even fit it all in! From what I can ascertain the meals are called ‘Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Ready Made Meals.’

In my opinion they need to rethink the branding. Its super confusing. Especially when you search to purchase them and when you search ‘Paleo/Organic  Meal Delivery Pete Evans’ (as I did because I didn’t know what they were called) you get this result right alongside the correct one, and its the one I clicked on first.

It shows all the meals as out of stock so I assumed they had no stock and gave up! Came back a few weeks later and they were still out of stock so that made me question it and I searched further and found the correct website. Somebody in digital marketing isn’t thinking this through IMO.

Ok, to the review:

Today I had the ‘Pete Evans Paleo Healthy Everyday Ready Made Green Chicken Curry Meal.’ (insert exhausted emoticon here).

It looks OK at first glance, kind if odd like it’s shrink wrapped, but I’m reserving judgement.


You can cook these meals in a microwave (don’t it’s awful for you!), in a pot on a stove in the packaging (I prefer not to do this although Pete assures us this is food grade plastic and has been tested for leaching and doesn’t leach), or you can empty the contents into a pan and cook on the stove. I prefer this option although for today I cooked in water on the stovetop for the purpose of this post.

Simply pop the whole package in simmering water for 10 minutes. Remove, drain on a tea towel, pull back the plastic cover (easy to do, doesn’t get stuck), and eat!

The meal is 400g so a good sized meal for a ready to eat, its no all-you-can-eat buffet, but I am satisfied and don’t feel the need to go to the fridge for a late night snack.

I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t look too appetising after cooking and dumping in a plate, but I’m here for the greater good (reviewing this so you don’t have to eat it if it’s bad), so I dig in.


The curry sauce is delicious! It’s delicate and full of flavour, mild in spice, (although if your idea of gourmet food is beef ‘n black bean at the local Chinese place you might find too much spice for your liking). There was plenty of sauce, which I loved.

The chicken is full of flavour and mostly tender although I did get two significant sized bits of sinew that were inedible and left on the plate which was kind of annoying. Given the size of the meals every gram counts!

The broccoli had real crunch to it which pleasantly surprised me. I really expected it to be a soggy mess, clearly the Sous-vide (or whatever magic method he uses) worked well, it was perfectly cooked. The beans were a little less crunchy but nothing that bothered me.

The cauliflower rice was in larger chunks than I normally grind myself, and it was better for it. I’ve often done it so fine it ends up kind of gluggy. Apparently this guy is a chef and he knows what he’s doing!

All in all I really enjoyed this meal and give it a 8.5/10.

For more information about the nutritional info etc, please go to the Pete Evans Healthy Everyday website HERE.

I hope this review was helpful to you and would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried of Pete’s ready made Paleo meals. What did you like and not like about them?

TIME: 14 minutes (4 to heat the water and 10 to cook)

DIFFICULTY: Easy. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

APPEARANCE: Looks pretty ordinary, but then what green curry doesn’t?

TASTE: Absolutely delicious with no ‘pre prepared meal’ taste to it


SIZE: At 400g it is a satisfying although not large meal

** All reviews are my honest experience and opinion. I receive no payment or free product from the supplier or distributors for this review. **

Cleaner With Attitude

B0220000WH0000007620505050405BLRE00AFA,cleaner-with-attitudeThe other half thinks we have the worst cleaner in the world.

He says she takes gross advantage of our kindness (I tend to throw in more money than charged so she likes us and doesn’t clean the toilet bowls with our toothbrushes) and he doesn’t think she has a very good work ethic.

Here’s a few things our cleaner has said to me in the past 3 months:

I didn’t clean down there, that was too low.”

“I didn’t clean in there (the laundry), because the dog sleeps there.”

Because it was a quick clean you only owe me $85, but let’s just make it an even $100 for all the running around I had to do today.” (She had to come to my home as well as her 2 other jobs that day. She usually only has one other job. I did not create her schedule on this particular day, she did.)

“I can’t come on Monday morning, I’m planning a sleep in since I am having a big weekend.”

And in the last 4 weeks she has missed the following items that I’ve had to clean:

Dust coffee table twice, lamp table twice, wood shutters in kids bedroom, bedside tables in master, bookcase, (and best of all) vacuum the whole guest bedroom; which if the quantity of dog hair all over it was any indication, had not even been looked at in weeks. (She ‘forgets’ to do some things sometimes.)

I get it, we all make mistakes but if I’m paying you for a job how many things can you ‘forget’ every week that I have to deal with myself and you still get your full $$ amount?

Our problem is we had the best cleaner in the world before this one. We had her for years and she was like part of the family, we all loved her, but we moved and she’s too far away now. I’m just not so sure we’ve been spoiled and no other cleaner would ever be able to measure up, or if our expectations are too high.

So tell me, what do you think of my cleaner conundrum?

How Do You Feel About Those Who Don’t Respect the Significance of ANZAC Day?

ANZACDay_pncWe were up early this morning for the dawn service, remembering our family members (a great grandfather fought in the Boer War as a Light Horseman and grandfather fought in World War II, was captured and ended up in Changi and working on the Burma Railway), and many others who fought for us to have the opportunity to live with freedom and in peace.

Sometime after the service as we watched kids play at the beach and chatted with others we had met at the service about the significance of the day, I saw a post from a friend on Facebook.

She had checked in at a Disney movie with her family and was talking about how great the movie was. I momentarily felt something rise up inside me, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on what it was. Later I discussed it with my other half.

This particular friend comes from a line of new Australians, Italians who came to Australia in the 1940’s and worked hard to build a life for themselves and their families here. These are good, kind, hardworking people with whom I can find little fault.

However, missing from this family history is any connection to the significance of this day to our country and honouring of the young men that left home to fight in wars for our freedom.

This particular friend (whom I love dearly) is a prolific poster, keeping us up to date with every minute detail of her and her families lives on Facebook, but on this ANZAC Day there was no mention or acknowledgement of the significance of the date.

After letting it stew for a while, I finally decided the feeling I felt was resentment. I felt resentment towards her for posting Disney movie ‘fluff’ in the early morning making no mention of the implication of this day to this country. It was evident she simply did not feel it was of any importance.

My question for you all… did I have a right to feel this way? I have no issue with immigrants of any kind (indeed my other halves family are immigrants to this great nation) so that’s not my issue in case your mind first wanders there.

Did I have a right to feel resentment towards a family that didn’t honour such an important day to Australia, who didn’t take the time to stop and consider the men who fought to give her and her family the opportunity to live in such a great nation?

Or, is she entitled to be removed from the gravity and emotion of it all because of her lack of family connection to the history?

Please weigh in, I would love to hear from you.

Lest We Forget. remembrance

Dare I Say It? The “P” Word… Politics.


It’s election day here in Australia.

I’m not a fan of talking politics on Social Media, unless of course your page is a political page. So why have I used the ‘P’ word straight up?

Someone wrote on my personal Facebook wall today that those voting ‘Liberal’ would be voting for the human trafficking of women and children. Of course this spawned a plethora of responses both for and against, but the crux of the matter is that such emotive statements are rarely as black and white as portrayed and it’s an insult to the intelligence of hard-working Australian’s to present an election in this way.

So I’m in a quandary. I’ve never been a one political party voter. I delve quite deeply into the candidates promises, their history and experience and vote for the candidate or party based on its merits in each individual election. This election is a tough one. Like all, there is no one party or candidate I feel 100% support for.

Labour offers tougher laws on air quality, better support for the poor and social and medical services. They offer greater school funding and much more stringent animal cruelty laws. Liberal presents what I believe is a much more effective asylum seeker policy, their tax plan is better for the country (though this does not translate into less taxes for me personally), they have a history of better financial management of the country.

And today it all goes down. Who will I vote for? I still don’t know. I continue to read the most up-to-date news and promises, knowing that so many of them will be empty and broken.

Australia is a great country, in fact it’s one of the few countries in the world with a 3 star credit rating. We have a reasonably effective socialized medicine system (though it is surely not perfect), we have low unemployment and a large percentage of the country is middle class. Yet, we have so many more things that are crippled and desperately need repair…

I would hope that for those of us who choose to post emotive and line-drawing comments in the social media realm, realise that most of us who go out to vote do not take the job lightly, and do want what’s best for this great country and not just our personal gain.

Vote with your head and your hearts Australia, not just your pocketbooks!

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