Secrets Organic Box Review – October 2017

I’ve been getting the Secrets Organic Box for quite a while and it occurred to me some people might be wanting to know if it’s worthwhile purchasing, so I thought I would start reviewing them here.

When signing up for a subscription service its easy to wonder if it’s a dud or a value-adding to your life. I do try to understand it’s not just about the value of the items vs what I pay for the box, but the benefit of being able to try new products that I might love!

That said, I wouldn’t be happy if I found I was paying more for the items than I would retail, given there will be some I don’t like or want. I pay $25/month including shipping for this box. They usually bill me around the 26th of the month and it arrives around the 15th of the following month.

Now let’s get to this month’s inclusions:

OCTOBER 2017 BOX – APROX RETAIL VALUE $33.70Organic Clean Bathroom Cleaner 500ml (full size) RRP $9.95


This will go straight to the laundry and will be used by my cleaner. I honestly don’t know if I will buy again unless it’s in my local grocery store where I currently buy my organic cleaner as I wouldn’t usually purchase online for an item like this. That said, it has an impressive list of ‘clean’ ingredients and has a strong citrus smell that would make me feel as though my bathroom had been cleaned!

Herbal Fix ‘Focus’ Passionfruit Flavour 300ml (full size) RRP $5.00

Back in the day I used to LOVE Schwepps Passioana. I wouldn’t touch the stuff now because soft drinks are so bad for you, but I do love a passionfruit drink. This had a definite passionfruit flavour and I enjoyed it. It did have a little of that ‘not sugar’ aftertaste but overall it was a very enjoyable and refreshing drink that I would drink again. 


Natural Family Co Natural Toothpaste Whitening 110g (full size) RRP $8.95


I’ll have to come back to you on the ongoing review for this item as it will take some time for me to tell if it’s working. However I have used it for two days and I LOVE the consistently and the flavour. It feels and tastes just like a regular toothpaste! 

I LOVE white teeth and if this works I will definitely buy it as the messy charcoals put me off, and I have ended up in the past succumbing to the toxic dentist teeth whitening program which is SO bad for me, but effective! 

Eat Your Coffee Coconut Mocha Coffee Bar 45g (full size) RRP $4.50


I’m not a huge coffee fan but I tried this and quite liked it. The coffee flavour wasn’t so overpowering that it was bitter, there was good balance of it with the sweetness of the dates. A definite mocha flavour although more coffee than chocolate. My husband who is a coffee drinker loved it! 

99th Monkey Hazelnut Cacao Butter 40g (trial size) Aprox Retail $2.80 (based on 200g retailing for $14.00)


This had a definite Nutella flavour going on! It has an after effect of graininess (the hazelnuts) but I really liked it. My son who is a chocoholic thought it needed a little more sweetness to properly mimic the Nutella flavour but this was very close and really delicious! 

Funch Bliss Ball Mix Chocolate 40g (trial size) Aprox $2.50 (based on 175g at $10.95 on their website) Plus 10% coupon code for their website.


I’m the first to admit baking is not my passion but these balls required the addition of 2 ingredients and some rolling expertise to make the balls, so they were super easy. They were delicious! I will even go so far as to order this online if I can’t find it at my local organic store.

Three balls had 1 tbsp honey so you would need to be aware of your sugar intake when consuming these since they were so more-ish! 

Fem 21 Herbal Hormone Balancing Formula 10g (sample)


I’m not one of those people who like smoothies or protein powder drinks. I tried this in a little water which probably wasn’t the best way to try it, it would have been better in some juice I think.

The smell was a familiar ‘green drink’ smell, a little earthy. It DID have a sweetness I didn’t expect so that was a nice surprise but one gulp was definitely all I could handle.

My husband who downs a green drink every day tried it and was impressed with the flavour and said it was as drinkable as any other green drink, so if you are that way inclined this might be the perfect way to get your greens! (I’m just hoping he doesn’t sprout breasts from his indulgence.)

Extra Ordinary Foods Pimp My Salad Super Seed Sprinkles (sample size)


I love nuts and seeds at any time, so on my salad is a great idea that I wouldn’t normally have in my salad because I’m just not that organised!

Having them in a mix specifically for this purpose is a great idea and I would definitely buy this again especially now we are coming closer to summer and salad season is here.

Raw Body The Original Raw Body Scrub (sample size)


This smells SO good. I am not a drinker of coffee but I LOVE the smell of good coffee beans and this smelled fantastic in the shower!

It was very coarse and did its job well. With just a few organic ingredients you know it’s safe for your body – hell, you could eat it if you wanted to! I would use this again if I were to purchase a body scrub.

Powerfit By Grace Free 5-Day Workout Plan Ebook (coupon)


I personally wouldn’t download an Ebook like this either for a cost or for free, but that might just be me. I didn’t try to download this so I can’t comment on the value or usage of it. I am not a workout kinda girl!

I don’t value the sample sizes or coupons since they don’t have real value as they aren’t for sale and are give-aways wherever you go.

Overall this was reasonable value. Not the best I’ve seen from a subscription service (I get some boxes from the USA that have up to 10 times the value included!), but overall worthwhile and I will be purchasing some of these items again.

I will continue to subscribe to this box as it always has a few items I love. If you would like to see more reviews of this and other Australian and International subscription boxes, let me know in the comments below!




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