Screw the Kale, I Want Chanel

chanelI’ve been wanting this Chanel handbag and have been dropping copious hints to my better half, who is either deaf, stupid or ignoring me. No doubt you can guess which.

So I laid it on a little thick the other day, expressing my need for such a gorgeous item.

“Do you know how much we spent on groceries last month?” he asked.

“No, why?” I replied.

“$2463” he said, his eyes flashing accusingly in my direction. “On groceries. Probably about the same price as that Chanel handbag.”

“$2463 because you will not let so much as a snack of non-organic, processed, pesticide-laden, toxic, possibly GMO food, pass by the lips of anyone in this family.”

“And because this is so important to you I know you wont mind forgoing the Chanel to ensure the ongoing health and wellness of our family.”  Then he turned and walked away.

The crappiest thing about this scenario is that I created it, so I don’t have any argument.

I have to live up to my Organic Diva-ness and commit to healthy food for the family and continue to carry my years-old Louis Vuitton, which really sucks.

(Sorry Louis, no offence.)

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