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Dare I Say It? The “P” Word… Politics.

It’s election day here in Australia. I’m not a fan of talking politics on Social Media, unless of course your page is a political page. So why have I used the ‘P’ word straight up? Someone wrote on my personal Facebook wall today that those voting ‘Liberal’ would be voting for the human trafficking of women and children. Of course this spawned…

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I find people who use the word ‘blog’ when they actually mean a blog post extremely irritating. My personal feelings are that if one cannot take the time to learn the etiquette of the medium in which they have entered, they they should best take their leave or at least watch silently until they have a better grasp as to…

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Modern Girl, Granola World

The title really says it all. I am a modern girl. A girl who loves all the little luxuries we in modern, western society take for granted, like heated seats. Is there really a better invention for the modern girl in a skirt getting into her car on a frosty morning than the heated seat? I can’t think of one….

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