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Wine Is From Grapes, So It’s Healthy Too

So much so that I ate a (small) tub of hummus today while listening to a story from my sisters dating life that really requited a bottle of tequila to go with it.

Toast as a Form of Independence

My anklebiter won’t cook breakfast for himself. At his age, he’s perfectly capable of making a piece of toast but will wait hours (if necessary) until someone gets up and does it for him. It really gets under my skin since I don’t plan on being a short order cook my whole life. Last night I spent some time and…

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Your Man Can Now Dress Himself

This is the most fantastic thing I’ve seen on the Internet in the past hour, seriously. I am taping one of these infographics to my husbands closet! Now, if only I could find one for women…

The Dangers of WiFi in Our Schools

Have you ever stopped to think about the Electromagnetic Fields surrounding out children day in and day out as our schools frantically do whatever they can to keep up with the technology? Kids these days as young as 5 are in kindergarten using ipads, laptops and computers and most if not all of these are accessing the net through wifi…

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