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Screw the Kale, I Want Chanel

So I laid it on a little thick the other day, expressing my… need for such a useful item.

“Do you know how much we spent on groceries last month?” he asked.

“No, why?” I replied.

“$2463” he said, his eyes flashing accusingly in my direction. “On groceries. Probably about the same price as that Chanel handbag.”

Do Root Canals Cause Breast Cancer?

97% of breast cancer patients had root canal sometime in the past! So I texted two friends – both who have had breast cancer in the past few years.They both replied within minutes “Yes, I’ve had a root canal, why?” For both of them, the cancer was on the same side of the body (meridian) as their root canal!!

Wine Is From Grapes, So It’s Healthy Too

So much so that I ate a (small) tub of hummus today while listening to a story from my sisters dating life that really requited a bottle of tequila to go with it.

Toast as a Form of Independence

My anklebiter won’t cook breakfast for himself. At his age, he’s perfectly capable of making a piece of toast but will wait hours (if necessary) until someone gets up and does it for him. It really gets under my skin since I don’t plan on being a short order cook my whole life. Last night I spent some time and…

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