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There’s No Food In The House!

First day of school holidays and I have nothing to feed the kids for lunch #parentingfail! So I grabbed a few eggs, some almond milk (had run out of regular milk), grated cheese, cherry tomatoes, bacon and peas. Whipped it all up and viola! Mini frittatas ready in about 25 minutes. I am no cooking guru so this is a…

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Cleaner With Attitude

Here’s a few things our cleaner has said to me in the past 3 months:

“I didn’t clean down there, that was too low.”
“I can’t come on Monday morning, I’m planning a sleep in since I am having a big weekend.”
“I didn’t clean in there (the laundry), because the dogs sleeps there.”

How Do You Feel About Those Who Don’t Respect the Significance of ANZAC Day?

Did I have a right to feel resentment towards a family that didn’t honour such a significant day to Australia, who didn’t take the time to stop and consider the men who fought to give her, and her family the opportunity to live in such a nation?

What the NSW Storms Taught Me About Old People

My 91 year old grandmother was more prepared than I was for the NSW Storms of 2015.

She calls this ‘the wireless’ which is ironic given I didn’t have any…

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