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How Do You Feel About Those Who Don’t Respect the Significance of ANZAC Day?

Did I have a right to feel resentment towards a family that didn’t honour such a significant day to Australia, who didn’t take the time to stop and consider the men who fought to give her, and her family the opportunity to live in such a nation?

What the NSW Storms Taught Me About Old People

My 91 year old grandmother was more prepared than I was for the NSW Storms of 2015.

She calls this ‘the wireless’ which is ironic given I didn’t have any…

What the Newy Storm Taught Me About Kmart

Eating awful cold food from a tin by torchlight and playing annoying board games while wearing a blanket and shivering from the cold pretty much sums up my one camping experience and my Tuesday night and it’s something I don’t ever want to repeat.

I Was Named After My Fathers Ex and My Mother Just Found Out

Here’s the thing.  My father wanted to call me Carrie and my mother loved the idea. It might be the only time in history they agreed on such a momentous decision. It was decided, sealed and conformed in black print on the pale pink birth certificate. Throughout the years my mother would sporadically mention the song ‘Carrie‘ by Cliff Richard (she was a huge…

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The Best Things in Life Are Free. The Second Best Are Very Expensive

The Best Things in Life Are Free. The Second Best Are Very Expensive…

I love a lot of things, and a lot of those things seem very damn expensive.

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