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Is Donald Trump Drunk Tweeting?

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about President Trump Tweeting threats to Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea. Much like a train crash you just can’t not watch, I’ve been obsessively checking my Twitter feed for the next threat from a superpower wondering if we really will see a war being started over…

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Ban The Synagogue Because It’s Ugly, Not Because Evil May Target It

This article detailing the ban on construction of a Jewish synagogue in Bondi as council felt it would be a danger to the wider community due to it being a perceived target for terrorism, both outraged and concerned me. We have to be very careful what regulations we allow in our communities imposed by our elected officials (who are supposed…

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Advertising that Makes You Hate the Product

Have you ever seen the same ad over and over again, and you become so irritated you vow never to buy the product? I was binge watching while sick in bed yesterday and this particular show had only ONE Ad that played EVERY ad break through 7 shows, it was the DOVE Advanced Care Deodorant ad. I watched the ad approximately 35…

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Why is James Corden in Touble With the President?

I had a lightbulb moment today after being  confused as to why President Trump is so mad with James Corden. After asking my husband what the issue is, and watching him hit his head on the kitchen wall in response I decided to investigate. Apparently this man James Corden is NOT the person who has been all over the news. THIS…

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The Dog Almost Killed My Elderly Neighbour

My elderly male neighbour just turned up on my porch banging on my door looking disheveled and panting. He had chased the dog all the way down the street and around the block and was returning him to me. It can’t have been easy given the dog weighed at least 40 kilos and he was NOT a willing participant being dragged by the collar…

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