Mothers Day Conundrum

Today was difficult for me, but not for any reason you may imagine.

I always tell my kids ‘I love you a little more than vegemite, but not quite as much as chocolate.’ It’s our equivalent of the popular ‘to the moon and back.’ (Yes I realise it doesn’t sound loving but my kids know what I mean and it gives them a giggle.)

So here’s my problem.

This is what I was given for Mothers Day today… Vegemite Chocolate! Who on earth would create such a block of insanity?? (Cadbury’s, that’s who.)

And so the question was put to me… do I love them more than vegemite chocolate or not quite as much?

What’s a mummy to say on such a special day?

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  1. Ahahaha! That is a bit of a problem for you. But what a cute little ditty you say to your kids. Makes me think I should make up one of my own :).

    Yeah look I think this invention is just wrong. Mind you, I haven’t tried it yet but haven’t stopped bitching about it everywhere. If I do get to taste it and it’s good, I will still tell everyone I hate it. I cannot eat my words you see. xo

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