Manners, Are they a Lost Art?


My teenager took a coach to a school excursion last week and as he was getting off the bus at the destination he thanked the bus driver. Later that day as he was getting off the bus after being returned to school he also thanked him.

His best friend, who comes from a great family, (I love his parents they are good, hard working, considerate people who have raised some GREAT kids) said to him; “Why are you saying thank you to the bus driver for just doing his job?”

This saddens me. Do you thank people for ‘just doing their job?’

I thank my waiter, my woollies girl who checks me out, my hairdresser, my cleaner for cleaning my home and postman when he delivers mail. My clients regularly show their appreciation for the work I do, either with thankful words or in their appreciative demeanour.

Am I the only one who thinks this might be a dying art? I know there are a number of people who think the way I do, but are we in the minority?

How important do you think manners and showing courtesy to others is?

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