Luxe Catch – December 2017 ‘Holiday Glam’ Box Review

My first Luxe Catch Box was in November and it was a bit of a let down for me. Sizes were a little on the small size and styling wasn’t really me, so I had low expectations for this one… BUT I was pleasantly surprised! Remembering the items in these boxes are specific to a style profile you fill out when you join, so you will probably not receive what I am receiving here.

It did arrive VERY late. I was charged on the 16th November and it arrived on January 4th. Given it was the holiday period and we all know shipping is a nightmare at this time of year, Im going to let it pass, but going forward I would like to see a much faster shipping time, so here’s hoping.

DECEMBER 2017 BOX – COST $50USD/$155AUD (incl. shipping of $45-85)

APROX RETAIL VALUE $215USD/$260AUD (This is over the $200 value they claim you will receive)

The breakup of cost is: Box is $50 USD plus $35-75USD for shipping (depending on which method you choose) which I think is pretty steep as these (so far) have been small, lightweight boxes If they halved the shipping costs I think this would be much more reasonable. Moving on…

The box arrives in a custom outer box which is a nice touch and definitely gives the ‘glam’  feeling the usual brown shipping boxes don’t give!

Opening the box you have a nicely custom printed lid and then the actual box the items are in, inside, which is a gorgeous looking Luxe Catch monogrammed box with a black bow. It also includes the items listed with their retail value on a receipt on the top of the box:

Inside the box I see two black, velvet style bags that obviously contain jewelry items in them.  I find that all the items are labeled ABS By Allen Schwartz. The brand sells at Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and other higher end departments stores in the USA.  The items included are as follows:

28 inch Lariat Necklace RRP $95USD


This is a stunning, heavy piece that reeks of good quality. I love lariat necklaces, my only issue with this one is that it is so heavy and jewel-laden, that it will only ever be appropriate for very formal occasions, and I don’t get out to formal occasions very often! It’s so gorgeous, but I am worried I wont get to wear it before it goes out of fashion. It’s definitely a classy piece so I am not unhappy with this item, it’s really beautiful.

Chain Wrapped Stud Earrings RRP $45USD

These are pretty earrings with an edge, which is a style I like. They are definitely event-specific style earrings (not everyday earrings) but I like them and will wear them. I also love that they are nickel free, as I react to earrings with nickel in them.
These earrings match well with the lariat necklace and the bracelet set below but could also be worn in more casual times so I am very happy with these. 

7pc Bracelet Set RRP $75USD

This is my favourite item in the box. 7 pieces of varying shades of gold, gunmetal and bronze metals, I will get significant use out of this set! They have a stretch to them that allows them to fit any wrist size and can be dressed up or down, I will wear them dressed down more often. They will work with the earrings above as well, so a nice set for a night out on the town!

Overall I like this box a LOT, for the AUD value of nearly $150, I do think putting aside the likelihood of me wearing the necklace, its reasonable value.

It definitely complies with the style profile I filled out so they did really well with this.  The retail value is definitely there so I certainly don’t feel like this box wasn’t worth the value claimed and if I was living in the USA and got all this for $50 I’d be jumping up and down!

My biggest gripe with this company is that I have  consistently  paid for two orders before I receive the first one for each month. I am hoping now the holidays are over that this wont be an issue, because outlaying close to $300AUD and not receiving the first box yet wasn’t a great feeling and it happened again this month, paying for the January box before receiving the December box I had paid for 7 weeks ago.

Stay tuned for the January ‘New Years Box’ review later this month, I look forward to receiving it!




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  1. I saw this subscription and you are the only I could find a review on. My only question is are they still behind in their shipments to you? I find it unacceptable to give money to a company and not get it in a timely manor. How was their customer service to you? Did they try to make it up to you?

    • Hi Joy, Thanks for your comments. Yes they definitely picked up their game and began shipping soon after the charge date. However, given I am in Australia it still did take some weeks to get to me. I think 2 1/2 weeks on average. If you are located in the USA I think you should receive it much sooner. I would love to hear your thoughts if you do order from them.

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