Goodness Me Box – November Subscription Box Review

This is the first time I have received this box as I just subscribed. The first thing I noticed was the insane amount of emails I have received – 13 in all since I subscribed 3 weeks ago!!

I plan to ‘unsubscribe’ from the emails now I have received the first box, but I wanted to see if they would keep overwhelming me with emails and when it would stop. Apparently the answer is never! It’s WAY overkill and made me feel a little negative about them before I even got the box.

Moving on…

I signed up for the 3 month subscription with a $10 coupon so it cost me $65, or $21.67/month including shipping. I signed up on the 19th of the month and received the box about the 7th November.

I LOVE that it comes with a card telling you all about the products inside and where they can be purchased. The box was well packed and had a cute string seal (which I forgot to photograph!)


Hart Soul Coconut Lentil Soup 400g (full size) RRP $4.00

Hart Soul Coconut Lentil Soup

This was delicious! IT had some real spice to it and was super tasty so I will be buying this in the future given I have seen this in a number of grocery stores. 

Probiotic Solutions Room Refresh 500ml (full size) RRP $10.00

Probiotc Solutions Room Refresh

I LOVE this product. Full of good bacteria and essentials it is a great non toxic way to refresh your home. We have a dog that loves to lie on the rug in our family room and this works great on the rug between vacuums.The lemony fragrance was delicate and natural which I also loved. It also came with a 20% coupon for future purchases.

I would go out of my way to find this and purchase it, even if I needed to order it from the net.

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap (full size) RRP $5.95

Dr Bronner's

This is a safe product that has many uses as shown in the cute card they supplied. From body care to dishes, laundry, dog washing and so much more, this is a must-have for any non-toxic home. 

We always keep a big bottle on hand in our home, but I love this cute 59ml bottle for my handbag or car. Another winner! 

Alkalising Greens (sample size) RRP (Aprox) $2.80

I cannot stomach green drinks at all, but my husband drinks them religiously so I made him drink this. He told me it was absolutely delicious so I tried it and was pleasantly surprised! It had a sweet taste to it with no ‘green drink’ aftertaste that I so despise! 

Peak Chocolate – Pre-workout Dark Chocolate 20g (full size) RRP $6

Peak Dark Chocolate

This is a delicious, rich, dark tasting chocolate. I cant speak of the workout properties and personally am not a fan of Soy Lecithin (especially non-organic) but the taste was delicious. 


Blue Dinosaur Super Bite (Himalayan Chocolate) 30g RRP $2.50

These are the cleanest ingredients you will find in a health treat. Organic coconut, dates, cacao, cacao butter, Himalayan salt.

Its delicious (very sweet) for an occasional treat and you can feel good about eating it. Yay!

Teff Tribe Pancake Mix – Sweet or Savory  350g (full size) RRP $7.95

I haven’t tried this yet but will update this page when I do. 








Dr Superfoods Cherry Bombs (Sample size).


These I will be eating again. If I have to search the earth for them, I will. Absolutely DELICIOUS, I look forward to serving them on my snack table on Christmas day.

That said, they do have soy lecithin which is not something I am happy to be eating (especially non-organic), so these would be a very occasional treat. But, YUM.

This also came with a 25% coupon for their website…score!

Tavalon Herbal Tea  – Cool Mint (Sample Size) 



I love all peppermint tea and this was no different. I would purchase this again if it were easily accessible to me, but therenot enough point of difference from something like T2 or the organic teas I purchase to go looking for it.

The packaging was elegant, which I appreciate!

Naked Wines $100 Gift Voucher RRP $100 


Naked wines offer organic, sustainable and vegan wines. I have tried a number of organic wines and not been too impressed with the taste (which is so disappointing as wine has SO MANY pesticides in it). 

However this coupon might inspire me to try a few I have not tried before. I checked the site and ‘supposedly’ I would receive wines to the value of $235.28 for the price of $79.99 by using this coupon and being a ‘newbie’ to the site. Plus $4.98 shipping and handling. 

However, I would not get to choose my wines and I do not recognise any of the labels as these are exclusive to naked wines. Its an interesting concept and for $85 for 12 bottles of wine (just $7.08 each) its tempting to give it a try.  I will keep you posted!

All in all this was a good box, there’s probably only 2 things I would go out and purchase again (other than Dr Bronner’s which I already use), but I did take out the 3 month subscription and I’m looking forward to the next two to see if I think it’s worth continuing.

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