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B0220000WH0000007620505050405BLRE00AFA,cleaner-with-attitudeThe other half thinks we have the worst cleaner in the world.

He says she takes gross advantage of our kindness (I tend to throw in more money than charged so she likes us and doesn’t clean the toilet bowls with our toothbrushes) and he doesn’t think she has a very good work ethic.

Here’s a few things our cleaner has said to me in the past 3 months:

I didn’t clean down there, that was too low.”

“I didn’t clean in there (the laundry), because the dog sleeps there.”

Because it was a quick clean you only owe me $85, but let’s just make it an even $100 for all the running around I had to do today.” (She had to come to my home as well as her 2 other jobs that day. She usually only has one other job. I did not create her schedule on this particular day, she did.)

“I can’t come on Monday morning, I’m planning a sleep in since I am having a big weekend.”

And in the last 4 weeks she has missed the following items that I’ve had to clean:

Dust coffee table twice, lamp table twice, wood shutters in kids bedroom, bedside tables in master, bookcase, (and best of all) vacuum the whole guest bedroom; which if the quantity of dog hair all over it was any indication, had not even been looked at in weeks. (She ‘forgets’ to do some things sometimes.)

I get it, we all make mistakes but if I’m paying you for a job how many things can you ‘forget’ every week that I have to deal with myself and you still get your full $$ amount?

Our problem is we had the best cleaner in the world before this one. We had her for years and she was like part of the family, we all loved her, but we moved and she’s too far away now. I’m just not so sure we’ve been spoiled and no other cleaner would ever be able to measure up, or if our expectations are too high.

So tell me, what do you think of my cleaner conundrum?

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  1. That sounds like a bad job of cleaning, from the way you’ve described it. But I also haven’t got experience with a cleaning person of my own and don’t know what sort of work is expected and realistically expectable.

    • I feel the same. Compared to our previous gal she’s a mess, but Im not sure if my expectations are to high? I think Ill try someone else for a few weeks and see how they work out before letting her go…

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