Celebrities and Baby Weight

jessica_simpson_before_after_pregnancy_pregnant_weight_loss_fat_thin_skinny_red_carpet_18fhjvk-18fhk3r9 years since the birth of my last child and I finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight. The celebrities are right, the weight practically falls off….Asses.

Seriously, how many times have you heard them say it, or seen it with your own eyes in the magazines. They pop one out and 6 weeks later they look as good (or better) than they did before.

It took me 9 years and 14 days.

9 years of various degrees of misery that included starvation (HCG 500 calorie diet), measuring and weighing (Weight Watchers), Calorie counted food delivery (Light ‘N Easy), guidance and accountability (Jenny Craig), High protein (never felt so unwell), hardcore personal trainers (included vomiting while working out), dietician advice (I never ate so many carbs or had such poor blood sugar results), exercise physiologist (told me I would ‘be really pretty when I lost weight’), yoga (I am neither blonde and skinny, nor gossipy and bitchy), Naturopath (told me to accept and love myself as I was) and finally, whole foods including Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF).

LCHF and whole foods was what did it in the end although as many know it is a huge transition from eating our regular western diets of toast, cereal, sandwiches, rice, quinoa and other regular foods. I’m not an expert or a dietary advisor so I have no idea if what worked for me will work for you, but I do think it’s an extraordinarily healthy way to eat.

As for those celebrities, not a day went by when I didn’t want to smack one of them in the face for their gorgeous, obnoxiously slim bodies, and frankly, the feeling remains.

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