Ban The Synagogue Because It’s Ugly, Not Because Evil May Target It


This article detailing the ban on construction of a Jewish synagogue in Bondi as council felt it would be a danger to the wider community due to it being a perceived target for terrorism, both outraged and concerned me.

We have to be very careful what regulations we allow in our communities imposed by our elected officials (who are supposed to be our representatives) as the precedent we are setting could have far greater consequences than we realise.

What else could be a target for terrorism? If history gives us anything to go by, tall buildings (9/11, 2001), Trains & buses (UK, 2005), Museums (Belgium, 2014), Chocolate Shops (Sydney, 2014), Office Buildings (Paris, 2015)… the list goes on.  Are we going to ban all these things too?

Imagine if a Western Sydney council was to ban a Mosque from being built because of the *risk* of terrorists being groomed there? It would be outrageous!

Please, please be as outraged as I am about the fact that this is the justification given by this council.

Let them ban the Synagogue because it’s ugly, because it’s is in a residential zone, or because it will cause traffic gridlock… but please never, never ban any peaceful religious gathering place on the grounds that a weak and evil group of people have caused you to cower and run from them in fear.

Australia, we are better than this.

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