Luxe Catch – January 2018 Box ‘Becoming Free’ Box Review

Overall the value was decent for this box, although they hit the $200 value by adding in some random items, but once again the sizing is off which makes it a waste of money in the end. I’m thinking of increasing my size but I know as soon as I do I will get something that is too big!

January 2018 BOX – COST $50USD/$107AUD incl shipping

APROX RETAIL VALUE $175USD/$224AUD (This is under the $200 value they claim you will receive)

This time there was just an outer box with the gold tissue paper inside, there was no inner box.


Namskara Organic Castor Oil RRP $28.95 (although its online for $10 right now)

I thought this was a random thing to add into this box but then read about its applicator and how it stimulates hair growth for eyelashes, brows etc. I have one eyebrow that has a weird balding patch that I constantly have to fill in, so I’m actually really excited to use this. The fact that its organic as well makes it even better!

This actually might be my favourite item in this box because it’s natural and already something I needed.


Compression Zip Pocket Leggings X by Gottex RRP $77.00 ($98 AUD)


These are good quality leggings with some mesh inserts on the leg and a zippered coin pocket in white which is a nice feature you don’t always get on leggings. Again, as with previous boxes these were a little small for me. They fit, but if I was purchasing I probably would have purchased the next size up. As they will stretch over time I think they will be fine.


Fabric Mixing sweatshirt X by Gottex RRP $88 ($113AUD)

I LOVE this top! It’s definitely more of a top, not a sweatshirt, but it has the shape of a sweatshirt. It’s boxy and oh-so-soft and has a mix of fabrics giving it an interesting look. The fabric at the front is shiny and the sleeves and back are more of a fine knit. The fabric is a mix of modal, spandex and polyester.

HOWEVER, this top is just too small for me. It fits, but my big boobs make it look weird and again, it’s just as though I need the next size up. Its also a crop fit which if you are tall and not stick thin, would not be a good look.

Frustrating, but I know I will find a girlfriend who will love it…


Complimentary 30 minute consultation with Bttana Life Coaching 

This coupon was enclosed with an apparent retail value of $60

Blueberry Muffin Lara Bar 

I’m not even counting this in my review as this was supposed to be a luxury ‘designer catch of the month’ not a food box. These are good though.


I’m so desperately hoping that next month I get something that fits me and I like. Otherwise I will have to cancel this box as its money down the drain every month. That said if I had sized up from the beginning I would have loved all the items I have been sent so keep that in mind if you are unsure about ordering.

Goodness Me Box – January 2018 Review

Goodness Me Box has proven to be one of my favourites.

It’s always great value for money, I am a firm believer in organic, chemical free and non toxic products and I have almost never tried the products they send, so I look forward to it every month.

I also love the coupons and cards that explain the products and the Goodness Me brochure that is included that tells you the retail values and an explanation of why the items were chosen.

This just feels like a really professional company and I love that.

Goodness Me Box $25 – Retail Value (aprox) $45.65

There are always a number of coupons or pamphlets in this box and this month they have tracking watch giveaways if you are so inclined. (I am personally not convinced of the safety of wearing wifi on your arm every day.)

You’ll have to forgive my lax attitude, a few things were missing from my group photo below and some I missed out on individual photos of, I was apparently in holiday mode when I photographed this box! #Fail

Review: Vegan Chocolate Bar – Maca Espresso by BSKT RRP $3.95

I LOVED this bar and I don’t even like coffee!

This was absolutely delicious, the ingredients were clean and good for you and I can’t wait to purchase again. It was rich and creamy with just a hint of coffee and left no bitter aftertaste on the tongue. 

This was a huge win for me, as it’s a new product I will buy and its my favourite item in the box.

Review: Sparkling Lemonade with Cucumber by Naked Life RRP $3.00

I wanted to love this item so much! Its initial taste upon drinking was great, but the aftertaste of cucumber and lemon just did’t work for me. I feel like if they just left it at lemon-only it would have tasted better.

At less than 7 calories and no sugar, if you don’t mind that cucumber taste, its a really refreshing cold drink on a summer day.

Review: Clean Energy Alkalising Paleo Workout Sachet by Nutra Organics (apple + mint & lempon + lime)  x 2 RRP $1.80 x 2 = $3.60

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am NOT the girl who can drink a green drink, my gag reflex is just too strong and I’m sensitive to taste, so it’s not fair for me to review these items. I gagged with this fast.

My husband who is a regular green drink guy said “I could drink it” which is certainly not a glowing report. These DO look very good for you.

Review: Matcha Greens by Blue Dinosaur RRP $2.50

Again, I’m not a great test subject with the greens, but it was sweet and Ok to eat. My husband loved it.

With Coconut, Spirulina, Dates, Barley Grass, Coconut oil, Mactcha and nothingelse, this is a super healthy snack. 

Review: Golden Latte Blend by 99th Monkey RRP $10

I tried this by following the directions on the card and used almond milk instead of full cream and it wasn’t great, but I felt like it had the potential to be great. 

I feel like with full cream milk, a little honey or maple syrup for sweetener and even some cappuccino froth this could be a delicious drink. I plan to give it another go over the next few weeks and will update here when I do. 

I love that the included card tells me that the spices are all wild grown and chemical free. 

Review: Green Tea by Onno Behrends RRP $3.50

This was a delicious Green Tea ( I drink Green Tea every day) but had an unusual amber colour (as though it was regular tea) instead of the usual green hue I am used to. 

I love that the packaging is fully recyclable and I think its something more company’s should be doing. A quick check of their website told me they are non GMO which I love, but they did not mention anything about the use of pesticides on their product and given tea have such massive pesticide use, I will probably not purchase again, but rather stick to my organic green teas. They did also mention ethical and fair trading for their farmers and no known child labour – both very important features for tea suppliers. 

Review: Nourish & Repair Double Choc Sachet by Nourished Nutrition RRP $2.75

This was amazing! Although it had greens in it, it also had the main ingredient of pea protein and a ton of cacao and it really tasted like more of a protein drink. It definitely had that chocolate shake quality to it. 

I wouldn’t purchase it because Im not a ‘nutrition drink’ kinda girl, but if I were into green or protein drinks this would definitely be on my list, it really was delicious.

Review: Low Carb Self Raising Flour Mix by Melinda’s Gluten Free RRP $8.35

This flours’ main ingredient is lupin flour which I know exactly nothing about! 

I love lower carb as I am a low carb (although mostly whole foods) eater. It also has almond meal, which I love and arrowroot, baking powder & soda and salt. 

I haven’t had a chance to use this but plan on making banana bread for the teens so will review it here when I do. 

Review: Sample Kitchen Wrap by API Wraps RRP (aprox) $8

I wanted to love this because my family does use too much glad wrap, but it was hard to get an idea of how it would work because the sample was so small. 

When I tried to stick it on itself to create the seal, it did hold for a while but the seal was very weak, plus having to warm the seal with my hands caused my hands to become sticky, which made me wonder whether the stickiness would rub off onto the wrap or other food item? 

This didn’t seem to be the solution we are all looking for, so for now,  I will continue to use glass boxes for lunches and avoid cling wrap whenever possible. 

Hello Fresh Coupon Card for $35 off your first box RRP $0

Because these $35 coupons are everywhere I didn’t add this to the value of the box.

Overall once again I felt like this box was good value and offered a number of new items for me to try. I didn’t walk away with much that I would purchase again (just the vegan chocolate bar), but I am very happy with the box, regardless and as always, look forward to the next one!











Rachel Zoe Box of Style – December 2017 Review

I finally received this box after many weeks of emails, social media messages and frustration!

I paid for this box 16th November and received it on 9th January. This was AFTER I had received an email early December letting me know they were running late but would have my box shipped out ‘guaranteed’ by mid December. Shipping details show it finally shipped on 28th December, way too late to wear or use any of the items for the holiday season.

So many of these boxes seem to have horrendous shipping times. I wouldn’t mind if it was late IF they were only charging me for the items just before shipping. But when they charge you more than 7 weeks before you receive the item its unacceptable in my opinion.

On a positive note their shipping charge is fantastic. I feel like it reflects actual shipping costs and I appreciate they aren’t trying to gouge me and make more money on me through the charge.

That said, let’s move onto the actual box and  review because in my opinion, it’s lovely:

Winter Box of Style – Cost $99 USD/$151.89 AUD (including $15USD shipping)

Claimed Retail Value $451USD/$550AUD

The box has a definite theme and cohesiveness to it which I love, I have seen some complaints about the quality of the box and I will concede, some of the items are not of the highest quality, but overall for the price of $151AUD I am very happy enough with this box.


  • Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner RRP $29AUD

I love this liner! I am notoriously terrible at using liquid liners and this had a great tip that made the process almost foolproof. I will definitely use this item and would purchase it again. My only issue is that I prefer chemical free makeup items, but that’s just a personal choice.

  •  Faux Fur Stole by Unreal FurRRP $85USD/$105USD (as claimed by BOS)

I love this item, its cute, totally different from anything else I have in my closet, cruelty free (yay!) and very, very soft.  I will use this item in winter for sure and I think it was a great addition to the box.

  • Mesa Door Knocker Earrings by House of Harlow RRP $115USD/$140AUD

I love, love, love the style and look of these earrings, BUT I have to say, there is no way on earth these are worth $115!

That said, they are gorgeous to look at and they look as though they are a very high quality item, they are also so much lighter than they appear (which I love because heavy earrings dragging on the earlobe are no fun). Like many complaints on social media, the back of one of my posts was bent quite significantly, I straightened it up but I am hoping it hasn’t weakened it for wearing in the future.

My biggest issue with these earrings is the earring back is SO loose that is essentially falls right off if I move my head! I will need to source another back for these or they won’t last long at all. A definite disappointment given the claimed retail value.

Despite these issues, these are my favourite item in this box and I can’t wait to wear them out, they are beautiful.

  • Sugar.Paper Agenda RRP $48USD$60AUD

I am a digital girl through and through but I have to say this agenda is adorable and is of a high quality and I really like it.

I will use it on my desk as a place to note down memorable events so I have a memory of this year. I look forward to seeing how much use I can get out of it and I’m interested to see if it starts a trend for me going forward.

  • Essential Hydrating Oil by Osea RRP $68USD/$84AUD

I am not one who uses oils, but this absorbs quickly, has a lovely light scent and is in a glass bottle (which I love). I have no complaints about this item and I’m going to use it moving forward to see if it’s something I would use ongoing.

It did leak a little throughout the box as some people have mentioned but not enough to cause any real damage. I will use this item but its not a huge plus for me. If you love oils, you will love this item.

  • Box Clutch by Rachel Zoe RRP $115/$145AUD

This item is so cute and it’s something I have never seen before which appealed to me – a ‘marble effect’ clutch! (I requested and received the white.)

I will use this for sure and I like it. However, it’s a little disappointing that since RZ herself had this made under her name, the quality is not there. Mine doesn’t seal flush when closed and there were scratches throughout the inside of the clutch (thankfully the outside had a removable plastic film protecting it). There is no way its value is $115USD and it is made in China. I would guesstimate this bag to be worth no more than $40USD retail.

Overall I really liked this box. The quality wasn’t always there for the items and I don’t believe it’s near the value they claim, but for my $150, I’m happy enough and I will get use out of all the items.

I’m looking forward to the Spring box which should be to me in early February, and I’m hoping she redeems herself on the issues and quality that came about with this box,  watch this space!


















Luxe Catch – December 2017 ‘Holiday Glam’ Box Review

My first Luxe Catch Box was in November and it was a bit of a let down for me. Sizes were a little on the small size and styling wasn’t really me, so I had low expectations for this one… BUT I was pleasantly surprised! Remembering the items in these boxes are specific to a style profile you fill out when you join, so you will probably not receive what I am receiving here.

It did arrive VERY late. I was charged on the 16th November and it arrived on January 4th. Given it was the holiday period and we all know shipping is a nightmare at this time of year, Im going to let it pass, but going forward I would like to see a much faster shipping time, so here’s hoping.

DECEMBER 2017 BOX – COST $50USD/$155AUD (incl. shipping of $45-85)

APROX RETAIL VALUE $215USD/$260AUD (This is over the $200 value they claim you will receive)

The breakup of cost is: Box is $50 USD plus $35-75USD for shipping (depending on which method you choose) which I think is pretty steep as these (so far) have been small, lightweight boxes If they halved the shipping costs I think this would be much more reasonable. Moving on…

The box arrives in a custom outer box which is a nice touch and definitely gives the ‘glam’  feeling the usual brown shipping boxes don’t give!

Opening the box you have a nicely custom printed lid and then the actual box the items are in, inside, which is a gorgeous looking Luxe Catch monogrammed box with a black bow. It also includes the items listed with their retail value on a receipt on the top of the box:

Inside the box I see two black, velvet style bags that obviously contain jewelry items in them.  I find that all the items are labeled ABS By Allen Schwartz. The brand sells at Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and other higher end departments stores in the USA.  The items included are as follows:

28 inch Lariat Necklace RRP $95USD


This is a stunning, heavy piece that reeks of good quality. I love lariat necklaces, my only issue with this one is that it is so heavy and jewel-laden, that it will only ever be appropriate for very formal occasions, and I don’t get out to formal occasions very often! It’s so gorgeous, but I am worried I wont get to wear it before it goes out of fashion. It’s definitely a classy piece so I am not unhappy with this item, it’s really beautiful.

Chain Wrapped Stud Earrings RRP $45USD

These are pretty earrings with an edge, which is a style I like. They are definitely event-specific style earrings (not everyday earrings) but I like them and will wear them. I also love that they are nickel free, as I react to earrings with nickel in them.
These earrings match well with the lariat necklace and the bracelet set below but could also be worn in more casual times so I am very happy with these. 

7pc Bracelet Set RRP $75USD

This is my favourite item in the box. 7 pieces of varying shades of gold, gunmetal and bronze metals, I will get significant use out of this set! They have a stretch to them that allows them to fit any wrist size and can be dressed up or down, I will wear them dressed down more often. They will work with the earrings above as well, so a nice set for a night out on the town!

Overall I like this box a LOT, for the AUD value of nearly $150, I do think putting aside the likelihood of me wearing the necklace, its reasonable value.

It definitely complies with the style profile I filled out so they did really well with this.  The retail value is definitely there so I certainly don’t feel like this box wasn’t worth the value claimed and if I was living in the USA and got all this for $50 I’d be jumping up and down!

My biggest gripe with this company is that I have  consistently  paid for two orders before I receive the first one for each month. I am hoping now the holidays are over that this wont be an issue, because outlaying close to $300AUD and not receiving the first box yet wasn’t a great feeling and it happened again this month, paying for the January box before receiving the December box I had paid for 7 weeks ago.

Stay tuned for the January ‘New Years Box’ review later this month, I look forward to receiving it!




If You Put Lipstick on a Dog, It’s Still a Dog

TherapistMy sister had some specialised dog food for her dog delivered to my place a few weeks back, because I work from home and can easily take deliveries.

Forgetting this fact, I opened the packaged before I realised what it was. Since it was open anyway, I threw an organic lipstick into the box, still new in its cardboard package.  I had tried it and didn’t like the colour on me, I figured if she liked it she could have it.  A few days later she picked up the box and inevitably I forgot to mention the lipstick I’d thrown in.

Fast forward a few weeks…

She and her family were over for a summer BBQ at our place, and during our conversation she mentioned that the new ‘natural’ dog food company had the best deals on specialised dog food and really took the natural thing the whole way, because they had given her a free lipstick as well! At least she figured it was for her she mused… surely it wouldn’t be for the dog, right?

It was literally half an hour before she realised my hysterical laughter wasn’t about the absurd fact that she thought the lipstick might be for the dog, it was about the fact that they hadn’t sent her a lipstick with her dog food (are you crazy?), it was me! 

Best. Laugh. Ever.


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