Advertising that Makes You Hate the Product

Have you ever seen the same ad over and over again, and you become so irritated you vow never to buy the product?

I was binge watching while sick in bed yesterday and this particular show had only ONE Ad that played EVERY ad break through 7 shows, it was the DOVE Advanced Care Deodorant ad. I watched the ad approximately 35 times in the space of 4 hours. That’s a LOT of women gushing their love for non-staining deodorant.

By the end of my binge (I actually stopped watching the show as I simply couldn’t bear see or hear the ad any longer) I vowed to myself I would never, ever buy that product – no matter how desperate my armpit situation may be.

I wonder if these companies ever think of the end users real life response when they purchase ad time slots? I can imagine it was significant spend they allocated from their budget just to get me to deliberately AVOID their product and I’m assuming if they knew, they’d feel that any dollar is a dollar too many.

Tell me in the comments below, would seeing this ad 35 times in 4 hours make you want to buy the product or not?

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  1. I could’t agree more! This happens all the time. It is very annoying. Kudos. You should do another page/ contest to establish the most over played commercial 2017…. where people report the commercial they see on repeat and how many times.

    • I love this idea. Im going to do as you suggested and run a comp, something fun that everyone can get into. Maybe a basket of the competitors products from the most annoying ad voted. Thanks for the comment Rebecca!

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